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►2013 Birthing began with a BANG:  Quadruplets followed that night with Triplets !!

  We had suspected multiple babies because Sugar was sooo large !!!

  Sugar had 4 bucklings:  Enrique Fermi, The Dark Knight, Capt. America and Superman.  Ginger followed with the triplets:  Bucklings, GingerSnap and GingerAle and the little Doeling, Orchid.

Whether outside snuggling with Mom Ginger or inside at night snuggling with the other babies....seven at once was a lot of babies !!

Pearl was a goat born at Legacy Farms to give birth herself to the single doeling we named Gracie Jade.  Gracie quickly became fast friends with Orchid.

Willow, a Nubian/LaMancha mix gave birth to two bucklings....one had Nubian ears and the other had the elf ears of Nubian/LaMancha mixes.  Cuties sold as a family group to friends.


The last birth of the season was Cappachino "Cappy" and Truffles, born to Mocha.

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