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Orchard and Garden



The orchard was planted originally in March of 2010 and followed with additional plantings in December of 2010 and 2011.

1 Utah Sweet Pomegranate

1 Brown Turkey Fig 

19 Apple Trees:  Cortland, Lodi, Pink Lady, Gold Rush, Fuji, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Empire, Gala, Red Rome,
Granny Smith and Braeburn.

5 Pear Trees:  Bartlett, Honey Sweet, Sugar Sweet.

6 Asian Pear Trees:  New Century, Hardy Giant, Nikita, Olympic, Hosiu.

3 Apricot Trees:  Moorpark, Blenheim, Sweetheart Dwarf. 

12 Peach Trees:  Red Globe, June Gold, Bell of Georgia, Carolina Bell, Suwanee, Gala, Contender, Red Haven, White County.

4 Plum Trees: Bruce, Bubblegum, Methany, Plumcot Spring Satin.

3 Cherry Trees:  Stella, Black Gold.
15 Grape Vines  (8 Red, 3 Blue, 3 Green, 1 White):  Himrod Green, Summer Royal Red, Reliance Red, Flame Red,
Lakemont White, Glenora Blue, Crimson Red, Blueberry Grape, Concord Blue, Marque Green, Neptune White.

3 Kiwi Bushes:  Issai Hardy, Anna Hardy, Meader Hardy.

34 Blueberry Bushes:  Darrow, Delite, Alapaha, Jubilee, Misty, Brightwell, O'Neill, Tif Blue, Patriot, Chandler, Elliott, Blueray,
Austin, Climax, Sweetheart, Pink Lemonade.

31 Raspberry Bushes (Red):  Prelude, Jaclyn, Indian Summer, Royal Purple, Dorman Red, Fall Gold.

12 Blackberry Bushes: Prime Jim, PrimeArk 45, Brazo, Cherokee, Apache, Prime Jan.  

Throughout the property we also have Black Walnut, Pecan, Hickory and Persimmon Trees.