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Taking care of the goats has been a labor of love.  We have relied on help from people in the community as we bought our first goats, the vet and even Youtube.com to prepare for birthing our kids.  Below are a few books that have helped in the process as we raise, breed and milk our dairy goats.
Descriptions taken from Amazon.com

Storey's Buide to Raising Dairy Goats:  Breeds, Care and Dairying
by JD Belanger

This indispensable, fully illustrated guide provides the very latest practical information for dairy goat owners. All of the essentials are covered here, including:

Individual breeds - Feeding and housing - Health care and disease prevention

Breeding and kidding - Milking and dairying

"We receive many requests from novice goat owners wanting caprine information. This book will give answers and help people get started. It can also be used by established goat owners wanting a reference in an easy-to-read format. We will certainly recommend this book as a great reference about goats." - John D. Howland, American Goat Society, Inc.