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History of the Farm
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History of the Farm

Every story has a begining and ours began in August of 2009 when we purchased 55 acres on the Jacob Fork River in Vale, NC located in Catawaba County.  We knew we wanted to create a farm that would allow us to become more self-sufficient and we also knew that it would take a lot of work but until you actually get started you never really know what you are getting yourself into.  It took a solid two years to get the farm into what we call working condition. In the summer of 2011 we were all able to move onto the property and begin a dream that will continue to be a work in progress as we move forward. 

August 2009
The first time we saw the property.  We probably should have turned away but what is life without challenges!





                     Having our traditional Pizza dinner celebrating the purchase of Legacy Farms!

Work in Progress 2009-2010

We have made many changes to the buildings on the land, however it was important to us that we maintained the integrity of some of the buildings because of their incredible history.

The Goat Barn and the Main Barn were built in 1941.  The cattle rancher living here at that time would use the sand from the banks of river bed to create mortar. He would take natural rock found on the property to build the walls and mortar them together, stone by stone. He later began forming concrete blocks, two at a time, per day.  He did this every day, block by block, until he had built a sturdy foundation and lower walls.  He would then pull the nails from wooden crates of supplies delivered to the farm to build the wooden walls that made the rest of the barn. Many things were being rationed due to World War II.

Our portion of the Jacob's Fork River was used in the early 1800's to power an old grist mill.  A grist mill is a building that grinds grain into flour. Large stone portions of the grist mill and steel are still in place leaving us evidence it's history.


The Original Buildings and Fields

   Original brick and mortar of Goat Barn                               Original brick and mortar of Main Barn 

          The arrival of the John Deere tractor.                                                 The Main Barn

                                                                                     Original "Shop"

View from Backyard of Barn and Goat Barn/Tack Room                           The Goat Barn/Tack Room

                                                                        The Fields




The First Year of Work

The Goat Barn




The Main Barn





The Fields and River








2011:  Finished Photos (for now!)

                              The Goat Barn  

                             The Main Barn

                                   The New Shop