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2012:  Pepper began the birthing season with two boys:  Cadbury and Crunch

Sammy had Snowman and Lacey.  Sammy always kept Snowman close to her.

Sugar had an easy delivery with bouncy boys, Sugar Bear and Sugar Cub.  They were FUN !!

Ginger followed the next day with Hershey and Gingerbread Man "Gingy"...AKA Trouble !!!

Deedee gave us our first triplets.  Whisper, Cookie Dough and the buckling Snickers.
It also was our first time supplimenting with bottle feeding.  Quite a challenge with 3.

Sandy our best milker gave us A.J.(Almond Joy) and T.R.(Tootsie Roll)


Sandy was our first loss.  She was put to sleep after we found she had a kidney disease, causing her to suffer a lot of pain.  She raised her boys almost knowing it would be her last time !!

Maverick joined our herd in May of 2012.  He was brought on to breed with our daughters and grand-daughters.  He was bottle fed and confused Ginger at first because he looked so much like her Hershey.  He has since bred with Mocha, Willow and Lacey.